Welcome to the Mannix Forest!

The adventure begins in the ancient Mannix Forest, controlled by the great gray wolf Zev and his right-hand, Puffer the badger.
The little fox, Scarlett, has recklessly ventured into their territory and has been captured. Will her brother, Indigo, manage to free her, or will he also fall into the trap?

Fox on the Run is a competitive asymmetrical game with two factions, Foxes and Guardians, each with different victory conditions. Each character has a special ability to use in collaboration with allies to gain the upper hand over opponents. The game is designed by Salvo Guastella.

Thanks to the characters Napoleon, the bear, and Raffles, the ermine, you can play with up to 6 players.

Fox on the Run Game Overview


  • Easy to learn;
  • Excellent replay value;
  • Constant player interaction;
  • Increasing complexity throughout the game;
  • Each character plays a crucial role, use it to win!

Download Fox on The Run official rules

Fox on the Run Box Art
Fox on the Run Age Players

Discover the world of Mannix, be captivated by the forest characters!

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